Frazzlebrain: Break Free from Anxiety, Anger, and Stress Using Advanced Discoveries in Neuropsychology

Find lasting relief from worry and stress with powerful techniques grounded in clinical experience and neuroscience.  

If you feel frazzled, you dwell in good company. Racing between the demands of work, health, family, and friends, many people report feelings of worry, irritability, and increasing stress. While we often cannot control stressful life events, we can learn to control our brain’s response to those circumstances and reduce our suffering.

Drawing from the latest research and more than 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider explains the link between anxiety, anger, and stress and shares groundbreaking remedies from neuropsychology. These tools will strengthen your resilience and expand your capacity for happiness.

In Frazzlebrain, you’ll discover how to:

  • Soften your response to stress
  • Overcome toxic self-criticism
  • Tame hostile and cynical thinking
  • Activate your brain’s self-healing properties
  • Create meaningful experiences
  • Cultivate optimism and hopefulness

Each chapter offers exercises, case examples, and self-improvement skills to help you achieve a calmer, happier, healthier lifestyle.

“Gina Simmons Schneider translates the mind-boggling advances in neuropsychology into beautifully described practical methods and skills for making your body a newfound friend and for calming long-standing patterns in your mind.”

--Doug Braun Harvey, author of Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Photo courtesy of Doug Braun-Harvey

“Whether chapter-by-chapter or as a whole, Frazzlebrain offers a guidepost to greater inner and interpersonal peace on every page. Prepare to be defrazzled and dazzled by Frazzlebrain.”

--Brian H. Spitzberg, PhD, CTM, Senate Distinguished Professor, School of Communication, San Diego State University

Photo courtesy of the School of Communication, SDSU.

“In her gentle and very informative book, Dr. Simmons Schneider teaches us how to find our internal wisdom and to increase our abilities to face painful emotions, such as anxiety, anger, and frustrations. This book is a much-needed resource for anyone who has ever struggled with stress and anxiety, as it teaches the readers about how to meet even our toughest emotions with ease and kindness.”

—Dr. Janina Scarlet, award-winning author of Superhero Therapy

Photo courtesy of dr. Janina Scarlet

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