Looking for tips on how to break free from anxiety and stress? Find lasting relief with powerful techniques found in my new book FRAZZLEBRAIN!



Frazzlebrain is destined to become the go-to book for people experiencing anxiety, anger, and stress in their lives. It should also serve as a referring guidebook for clinicians, life coaches, instructors, stress management trainers, and others who seek to give their clients, patients, and students a pathway to move from helpless and hopeless to thriving and resilient.”

Dr. Steve Albrecht

HR trainer, security consultant, and employee coach.

Gina Simmons Schneider translates the mind-boggling advances in neuropsychology into beautifully described practical methods and skills for making your body a newfound friend and for calming long-standing patterns in your mind.”


— Doug Braun-Harvey

Author of Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Rethinking Sex Addiction

“In her gentle and very informative book, Dr. Simmons Schneider teaches us how to find our internal wisdom and to increase our abilities to face painful emotions, such as anxiety, anger, and frustrations. This book is a much-needed resource for anyone who has ever struggled with stress and anxiety, as it teaches the readers about how to meet even our toughest emotions with ease and kindness.”

Dr. Janina Scarlet

Award-winning author of Superhero Therapy


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